Rules & Regulation

Members’ Code of Ethics

All members of the GSDCG undertake to abide by its general Code of Ethics. Members will properly house, feed, water and exercise all dogs under their care and arrange for appropriate veterinary attention if and when required. Members will agree that no healthy puppy will be culled. Puppies which may not conform to the Breed Standard should be placed in suitable homes. Members will agree not to breed from a dog or bitch which could be in any way harmful to the dog or to the breed. Members will not allow any of their dogs to roam at large or to cause a nuisance to neighbors or those carrying out official duties. Members will ensure that there are kept leashed or under effective control when away from home. Members will clean up after their dogs in public places or anywhere their dogs are being exhibited. Members will only sell dogs where there is a reasonable expectation of a happy and healthy life and will help with the re-homing of a dog if the initial circumstances change. Will supply written details of all dietary requirements and give guidance concerning responsible ownership when placing dogs in a new home. Members will ensure that all relevant KUG & GSDCG documents are provided to the new owner when selling or transferring a dog, and will agree, in writing, to forward any relevant documents at the earliest opportunity, if not immediately available. Will not sell any dog to commercial dog wholesalers, retail pet dealers or directly or indirectly allow dogs to be given as a prize or donation in a competition of any kind. Will not sell by sale or auction KUG or GSDCG certificates as standalone items (not accompanying a dog). Will not knowingly misrepresent the characteristics of the German Shepherd Dog, nor falsely advertise dogs nor mislead any person regarding the health or quality of a dog.

Breeders’ Code of Ethics

1. To maintain the best possible standards of health and care in kennels.
2. To refuse to sell to, or recommend, unethical breeders or to sell to any buyer where they have reason to believe the puppy will not be properly cared for.
3. To refuse to sell to dog wholesalers or retailers.
4. To keep and pass on to buyers of puppies or adult dog’s accurate health, breeding, registration and pedigree records. Papers may be withheld or a breeder’s right retained by mutual agreement in writing.
5. To clearly state on contract to the buyer of a puppy or adult dog whether sale is of “show prospect” or “pet” quality dog, we would strongly urge that the purchaser spay or neuter the dog.
6. To urge all buyers to have a puppy or adult dog sold by member examined by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of receipt.
7. To deliver or ship only puppies or adult dogs of sound health and temperament. Where the buyer or his authorized representative did not personally see and choose the puppy or adult dog being shipped, a recommended, minimum period of 48-72 hours is granted to return or advise that he will return the animal promptly.
8. To use a sales contact or written agreement to cover any sale or purchase involving a dog is recommended.