About The Club


was formed to improve the German Shepherd Dogs to meet the FCI – WUSV standard under the auspices of Kennel Union of Ghana.The German Shepherd Dog has established without doubt that it is the most popular breed on the sub-continent as it is in the rest of the world.The Club was formed to promote the breeding, keeping and training of the German Shepherd Dog along the lines of the ideals promoted by the world union of German Shepherd clubs(WUSV), which was formed as the extension of the European Union.The GSDCG is looking forward to became a full-fledged member of the WUSV soon.Today, we can boast of having a very good type of GSD’s and we will soon start to produce dogs to meet the international standard, which could do justice to the breed, both here and internationally. A planned breeding program incorporating the best bloodlines available in the world has facilitated this stride. improved standards of rearing, handling and keeping of these dogs should play an enormous role in this development.The future of the GSD in Ghana depends on intensive hard work and application of the knowledge and experience we have gained first hand and those which we continue to receive and absorb from our association at the highest level through the WUSV. the working side of the breed must be developed alongside the show aspect.There exists a perfect working relationship between the GSD Club of Ghana and the Kennel Union of Ghana, which is the canine control authority in the country. On behalf of KUG, the GSDCG will register German Shepherd Dogs and all events are organized under KUG rules and regulations and with its approval.